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A little more about us

We at Liz O. Brokers assure you
of our commitment to excellent service and staff who are passionate about insurance!

Liz O. Brokers has been established since 1995 and are an authorized financial service provider (license no. 15997). We are members of the Financial Intermediaries Association of SA (FIA) and the Insurance Institute of KZN and work strictly according to their Codes of Conduct.

Our brokerage consists of Liz Marnewick and Valeen Pillay, who are passionate about insurance and are equipped with the necessary experience, knowledge and skills to always provide the correct advice to our valued clients.

Unique Products

At Liz O. Brokers we offer unique insurance products and advice to a wide range of clients. Our long history and excellent pedigree means that our clients can rest assured that their insurance needs are well taken care of. Having the proper insurance coverage is essential in protecting the financial security of you, your family or your business. In order to protect your valued possessions we offer outstanding products at a competitive premium!

Professional business practice

We are brokers and not direct insurers and know that as an individual you are special and should not be treated as a number. Hence, Liz O Brokrers is not a call centre and therefore no more holding on a telephone whilst being transferred from department to department. So it’s not just our determination to deliver excellent service, but also to do so on a personal level!

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Strong professional relationships

By insuring through Liz O. Brokers, we are here to advise and protect our clients against terms and conditions which are implemented by the various insurance companies. Going direct, clients have no one to represent them.

In order to provide a range of quality products with superior coverage we diligently select the insurance companies we represent. We are proud to have built strong professional relationships with some of the most reputable insurance companies in South Africa.

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The 'GIRAFFE' principle

At the bottom of our letterheads, it states : “If you can reach where no one else can, then you eat like no one else can”. We got this brilliant insight from Mike Lipkin, which is his giraffe principle. And he believes that if we are at the top of our field, or are positioned apart from the rest of the pack, then we will definitely extend our reach and set ourselves apart from the rest! Try us and see for yourself!

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